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four spirited liqueurs with true heritage

"Back to the Roots" is a mobile competition, moving from place to place every year. The first competition took place in 2016 in Milan Italy and in 2017 moved on to the UK and London at Cahoots bar. 2018 was was is time to be on the US east coast and the final taking place in NYC. 

During the years we have had the honour to receive entries and finalists from some of the best bars in the world, such as Oriole, the Connaught bar, the American bar at the Savoy, the Aviary, Scarfes among others and finalists were judged by personalities such as the likes of Ben Reed, Simone Caporale, Mattia Pastori etc.

The focus is always on simplicity, balance and an inspiration going back to the roots & heritage of each competitor. The motto of the competition is:

Truly great drinks are easy to make, you just need the elements, unique ingredients & a story to tell.

Back To The Roots 2019 Competition
focused on:

A low-abv long drink OR
a classic twist


Simplicity with a story to tell

Long drinks or classic twist cocktails

A recent trend is low alcohol offerings in bars and restaurants. People are becoming more conscious of over-consumption of alcohol and this is where Roots liqueurs can be useful, as they pack a lot of interesting flavours, but are lower in alcohol than brown or white spirits.

We were looking for simple drinks, with maximum four ingredients, a true story and heritage behind. Just like ROOTS. Either Long Drinks, or classic twists, Roots Craft Liqueurs play an essential role in the establishment of such serves in modern high end cocktail bars. We were happy and honoured to receive wonderful entries based on our philosophy from the new generation of bartenders from some of the best bars of London, Italy & France