Natural and simple cocktails with heritage & a story to tell

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It all started when…

"Back to the Roots" is a mobile competition, moving from place to place every year. It all started in 2016 in Milan, Italy and in 2017 we moved on to the UK and London. 2018 was was is time to be on the US east coast !

During the years we have had the honour to receive entries and finalists from some of the best bars in the world, such as Oriole, the Connaught bar, the American bar at the Savoy, the Aviary, Scarfes among others and finalists were judged by personalities such as the likes of Ben Reed, Simone Caporale, Mattia Pastori etc.

Back to the Roots 2019 edition

A low-abv long drink or a classic twist

A trend we see more of is low alcohol offerings in bars and restaurants. People become more conscious of over-consumption of alcohol and this is where ROOTS liqueurs can be useful, as they pack a lot of flavour in, but are lower in alcohol than brown or white spirits.

  • 3 winners • 3 COUNTRIES •

The Back to the Roots competition 2019 edition will have 3 winners:
one bartender from the UK, one from Italy and one from France will visit Athens Bar Show in November and feel the atmosphere and vibe of one of the best shows and cocktail capitals in the world !

If you are a bartender based in
United Kingdom, Italy or France

Submit your Roots serve and get the chance to visit Athens and the best bar show in Europe, feel the hospitality & vibe of some of the best bars in the world !

What you need:


1. Your Roots Cocktail recipe

A Low ABV Long Drink or a classic twist

- Minimum 30ml of any ROOTS
(Roots Mastic, Roots Kanela, Roots Diktamo, Roots Rakomelo, Roots Mastic Vintage Strength)
- no homemade ingredients (easy to make drinks)
- total of 4 ingredients maximum (bitters don’t count as extra ingredients)

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2. A picture or video

A picture of the cocktail with the Roots bottle in the back or a video, making your cocktail.
We will upload all material on our website & social media during the competition, tagging the bar and the bartender.
The video / photo can also be made with a mobile phone.


3. Your Story

We very much like to know your own story, your own Roots and where you are from, how you get connected with ROOTS and how you got inspired to go back to the Roots by taking part in our competition !
Feel free to write the story to us, tell it on your video or share it !

Entries will be open from the 15th of April to the 15th of May 2019

Learn about
Roots Mastic
Roots Kanela
Roots Rakomelo
Roots Diktamo
Roots Mastic Vintage Strength

Finals will take place in London, Milan & Paris in the end of May