Bulgari Hotel


Bulgari Hotel Milano is one of the most exquisite hotel bars in Europe, a secret garden hidden in the centre of Milan. Patrick Greco, the bar manager, is always keeping the Bulgari bar at the top of the game, serving the values of sustainability and zero waste.


Bulgari ranks as one of Italy’s most prominent fine jewelry and luxury brands, expanding from silver jewelry into a myriad of categories including a chain of hotels. The history of the Bulgari brand, has its roots in a humble Greek village and this is why its logo is, not Bulgari, but BVLGARI

Born in 1857, Sotirio Voulgaris hailed from a small village in the Pindus Mountains in northern Greece. In 1877, Voulgaris moved to Corfu, an island off Greece’s northwest coast, then Naples before finally taking root in the rapidly modernizing city of Rome in 1881. Voulgaris opened his first store in Rome in 1884. As his business grew, Voulgaris Italianized his name to Bulgari, the phonetic version of his Greek family name, and adopted Bulgari as his company’s name.Voulgaris opened the Bulgari flagship at Via Dei Condotti 10 in 1904 with his sons, Constantino and Giorgio and the rest is history.

To this day, the back to the Roots serves representing the Roots of Bulgari back to Greece are:

Touch of Greece

Roots Rakomelo
Rosemary spring & chilly



Roots Tentura
Rye Whiskey


Pink Roots

Roots Mastiha
Pink Grapefruit
Top up with tonic water

Salute, Yamas !