The Bank Job


The Bank Job in Athens, a small cocktail joint with a big crowd, offering notorious good cocktails ! They even have a cocktail called back to the Roots !

Their new menu has the concept "famous and stolen", which refer to exhibits from the museums of Athens. All three serves, are based on the Roots liqueur that has its roots in the same place where each museum is.

(Serapis is a Graeco-Egyptian god, and his statue is in Patras museum, where tentura comes from)
Roots Tentura
cooked pineapple


Two Kouri
(Kouros is a type of ancient Greek sculpture that has appeared since the 8th century BC and typically represents nude male youths. Two Kouri are exhibited at the Chios museum, where -of course- Chios mastic comes from)
Roots Mastic
caper - olives
citrus fruit


Phaistos Disk
(It dates back to the minoan bronze age & its purpose and meaning, and even its original geographical place of manufacture, remain disputed, making it one of the most famous mysteries of archaeology. Exhibited in Crete, where Diktamo comes from).
Roots Diktamo
Kum quat
three cents tonic water

Δίσκος_της_Φαιστού_πλευρά_Α_6380 (1).JPG

An amazing concept from an amazing team ! Kudos !

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Yamas !