Meerkat Cocktail Safari

Or when a french bartender discovers his Roots in Athens, and opens a new hotspot called Meerkat cocktail safari, in the most airbnb-ed area of Athens, Koukaki, hosting the most creative bar events in Athens. Ladies and Gentlemen, Romain Krot -opoulos


Their Greek - French safari cocktails for the Back to the Roots week are

Cinamon Heaven
20ml Roots Tentura
20ml Olorosso Sherry
Top up Thomas Henry Ginger Ale

Spritzy King
30ml Roots Rakomelo
30ml Campari
15ml Grapefruit Juice
Top up prosecco

The Herbalist
30ml Roots Herb Spirit
30ml Taf Single Estate Costa Rica Iced Brewed
Top up Thomas Henry Tonic

Salut !