Pura Vida

Chios is the magic island in the northeast Aegean, where the mastic trees produce the world renowned mastic resin. An island well known since antiquity, home of the incredibly beautiful Mastichochoria (mastic villages, where the heart of the Mastic growers association lies). Pura Vida is a high end all day bar on Chios, where locals and tourists can not only enjoy high quality mastiha cocktails, but also all kinds of premium concoctions.

The three cocktails of the Back to the Roots week of Pura Vida are

Ek' Balam / tiki cocktail / in mayas language means "black panther"
Roots Tentura
Dark rum
Passion fruit
Charcoal powder from vegetable source (coconut tree)
Fresh lime juice

Skinos sour
Roots Mastiha
Simple syrup
Fresh lemon juice
Lemon leafs

Herb & cu.
Roots Herb Spirit
Ottos Athens vermouth
Grapefruit soda
Fresh cucumber