Octavius Bar at The Stage Milano

A renowned world class bar and fine dining restaurant, styled as a yacht, on top the flagship Replay store in the financial centre of Milan, leaded by the famous mixologist Francesco Cione


Francesco's and the team's Back to the Roots serves for the week are:

Martini from skinos
Mastiha Roots
London Dry Gin
spray of Dry Vermouth
Lemon Bitters

Kipourós Sour
Tentura Roots
Mezcal Joven
fresh Citrus mix
Orgeat syrup Angostura Bitters

Roots Week big octavius copy.png

Fizz to the Roots
Rakomelo Roots
White Rum
Habanero Syrup
Moroccan Bitters
fresh Pink Grapefruit juice

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