Rootside by Jacopo Correnti - Oriole

Once upon a time...

A planet, a planet call Earth.

For thousands of years people were thinking to improve the life-style, changing trees to skyscrapers and country-side to metropolis. People were selfish more and more everyday, social media created a new illusion worlds, fake worlds;

2025 is the actual deadline for a not coming back point of the planet.... that planet where we are living now,

So if I’m here writing down, spending a bit of my time to created a cocktail and telling you a story it’s because the world is stIll alive!

And with this cocktail presentation, using re-usable flask and fresh ingredients, also the bar can help to save what we have.

I would like to make you feel sensible and start to think about small things for the sustainability of this world.... a world call Earth!


Roots Mastic “Vintage Strength”
Mandarin Juice
Golden Grapefruit Juice
Chocolate Bitter
Top-up (15/20ml) Root Beer

Jacoppo Correnti
London - UK

Born In Harbor by Alessandro Governatori - Bar Torino 1860

For this drink, i got the ispiration from my first diktamo taste experience, a long time travel that let me back in time, to my first experiences, when my grandfather, that is my mentor, was teaching me first steps to venture in mixology world.

My grandfather born in 1936, he alredy making cocktails and drinks in 1961 and the thing he loved most was the Rhubarb, i mean, the rhubarb base aperitives.

After the first step, the Diktamo with is earthy notes of roots, let me came back in mind the first thing that i learned and tasted from my grandfather, the shaken rhubar, and then i decided the Diktamo was made it for me and my drink.

The apple from trentino, gives a lovely fine sweetnes and gets fresh my cocktail, while the dry sherry balance it with its acidity.

A Rich taste, enjoyable made with few and easy ingredients.

Born in Harbor shows that the first experiences are the most significant ones, we have to remember them, and continue to do what we love with passion and determination.

These are the things that push us to become who we want and remind us how much beautiful this profession is.

Born in Harbor

Roots Diktamo
Williams & Humbert Pando fino dry Sherry
Thomas Kohl Single Variety Apple Juice

Alessandro Governatori
Corso Garibaldi 59 / Bar Torino 1860
Ancona - Italy

Walking On A Green by Marco Dell' Amore - Voia Bar

I took my inspiration thinking about royal people in the past. They were walking in some big garden, talking about defeat sickness and stomach issue with plants, smelling the nature around them.

marco dell amore.jpeg

Walking on A Green

Roots Mastic
Vermouth Red (Chazalettes)
Lemon Juice
Simple Syrup
Champagne Brut
Spray of Pino Mugo liqueur

Marco Dell' Amore
Voia - Art, food & cocktail bar
Rome - Italy

Roots Connection by Nicoló Rossi - Barrier

I took inspiration from the flavours that were part of my childhood, remembering the broth that my grandma forced me to eat everytime she had me at lunch.. after that.. the price was a little candy made with mountain pine raisin.. This is how i found the connection between two flavours that belonged to my roots one hated and one loved, creating a new experience of aperitif. I enjoyed to create this drink as it is a connection of: different flavours, past/present, experiences and feelings!!

Tree to Drink

Roots Mastic Vintage Strength
vegetable broth (“Star” brand name)
lemon juice
Orinoco bitter

Nicoló Rossi
Bergamo - Italy

Tree to Drink by Corey Squarzioni - Luca & Andrea

“Tree to Drink”. As you can guess from the name, i wanted to create a drink ispired by all the components of a tree, taking ispiration from the main ingredient of my drink, the Mastic.

Suze, a liquor made from gentian root, represents the roots, the part in the ground to keep the tree firmly on the ground. The Mastic represents the trunk, the “soul” of our tree, the most important part that grows and rises upwards. The rose liquor represents the final part of our tree, the results obtained, which are the flowers. Finally, an elderflowers flavoured tonic top to complete our “Tree to Drink”. As decoration an edible flower. Easy to make and replicate, built directly into the glass, four ingredients, no homemade. Clear and Limpid. Cheers!

corey squarzioni.jpg

Tree to Drink

Roots Mastic
Rose Liquor Briottet
Elderflower Tonic Fever-Tree

Corey Squarzioni
Luca & Andrea - Alzaia Naviglio Grande
Milano - Italy

EvoROOTSion by Gabriele Tammaro - Octavius Bar @ The Stage

My inspiration come from three meanings of Roots:

_ The first one is from my family: in my recipe i decided to use both lemon and orange peels, as a remind to my mother and my father.

So the orange feeling comes from Sicily as my mother, lemon perfumes come from Naples as my father. Origani essentia spray is the meaning of Marriage because reminds me both my parents, is a perfume that follow me from my childhood.

_ The second one is the type of drink: as requested, we will do a twist on classic, so i decided to make a low ABV twist on martini cocktail.

So the dry vermouth is "added" with the double citrus essential oils, adding an orange non-alcoholic spirits, closing with the main ingredient, Roots Mastiha (instead of Gin)

_ The third one is why i choose Mastiha: that's because it's refreshing, it reminds me the feelings of the seaside, some anise and balsamic notes.

gabriele tamaro1.jpg


Roots Mastiha
orange peels
lemon peels
dry vermouth
non alcoholic spirit

Gabriele Tammaro
Octavius Bar @ The Stage
Milano - Italy

Wild Charm by Kevin Eteo - "Le Bar" at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

Roots Mastic organoleptic charateristics are like nothing else. The herbal & plants aromas combined with earthy and spiced notes take me to uncharted territories. Or maybe forgotten?

This got me thinking about the rich and intrincated greek mythology. One of the legends that come to my mind is that of the king of Ithaca, Odysseus, which is known for its various adventures navigating the seas.

One of those, is the one of the Aeaea Island, Circe's territory. As the crew landed and started exploring the territory, the enchanteress welcomes them and invites them for a familiar feast. One of the drinks she makes for them,has wine, some sort of beer, cheese and a special potion hers served in an enchanted cup. Odysseus' crew end up turning into swynes who then follow the goddess orthers

It's only thanks to the god Hermes advice that Odysseus is able to ingest an antidote before encountering the witch. This end up saving his life an that of his entire crew.

Wild Charm is a easy-to-sip drink which invites to discover a great liquor and a beautiful culture.Roots Mastic would represent here the antidote to the sorceress charm, so don't be afraid to try it!

Cheers :)

Kevin Eteo Wild Charm.jpg

Wild Charm

Roots Mastic
tannic red wine (for example, a nice Languedoc)
rich and smooth beer (like a porter or a stout)
a few dashes of cocktail bitters (maybe Angostura or Bogart's)

Kevin Eteo
"Le Bar" at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme
Paris - France

Honey Roots by Akhilla Ghiribelli - Auberge du port

Je m’appelle Akhilla Ghiribelli, j’ai 24 ans. Je suis à la fois Chef Barmaid à l’Auberge du Port Bandol et étudiante en 4e année à l’école Camondo Paris en architecture d’intérieur et design. J’ai grandi dans ce restaurant que nous possédons depuis 1971. Pendant l’année scolaire, je m’occupe de la direction artistique du restaurant que nous avons refait en 2017 ainsi que de la composition de la carte du bar. Mon travail est transversal puisqu’il a toujours été lié à l’hôtellerie et la restauration, je me sers de mes compétences à la fois dans mes études et dans mon activité professionnelle. Je mets un point d’honneur à sélectionner les produits de nôtre carte et à les faire découvrir à nos clients.

Le cocktail que j’ai composé à base de RAKOMELO est un low-drink. J’ai choisi d’accentuer le goût du miel propre à cette liqueur avec du sirop de miel. Il est en suite remué avec de l’eau de coco pour garder des arômes équilibrés sans que le cocktail soit trop sucré. Il est servi frais sur des glaçons surmontés de quelques feuilles de menthes fraiches frappées ainsi qu’un marshmallow grillé donnant un côté frais et gourmand au cocktail.


Honey Roots

Roots Rakomelo
eau de coco
sirop de miel Monin
Menthe fraiche
marshmallow grillé

Akhilla Ghiribelli
Auberge du port
Bandol - France