From Bassano to Kalamata by Eduard Junior Reinche

From Bassano to kalamata
The inspiration came from videos i’ve seen on YouTube of this barman who travelled, travelled and created cocktails. I imagined myself as one i left for a vacation in Greece. Hanging out by the sea i found a bar with a liqueur called Roots Kanela which i fell in love with. From there I came up with the idea to mix Liquore alla Mandorla (almond liqueur) from the Nardini distillery, Lemon juice and a liquid sugar. This drink is the perfect match for those who love spices and aromas.

From Bassano to Kalamata

Roots Kanela
Liquore Mandorla Nardini
Lemon juice
Liquid sugar

Eduard Junior Reinche
Garage Nardini
Bassano del Grappa - Italy