Square root by Matteo Bernardor - Demon, Wise & Partners

I m Matteo Bernardo, I m from Italy, precisely from Genova, the city of Pesto.

I ve decided to pair your roots, Mastiha, with my own, basil, the connection between them is based on their first use, I m talking about their healthy properties, like anti cancer.

I've got the idea for this drink thinking about one of my first experience with alcohol.

Christmas lunch, I was I think 8 years old and the older of the house were having an aperitivo before lunch, then they decided to let me be part of that offering me a bit of Vermouth with a lot of soda water.

I felt adult like them in that moment, part of the family and the tradition.

That is why my drink is a low in abv, and a perfect balance between Mastiha, Vermouth, citrus and basil tonic.

I hope to see you soon.


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Square Root

Roots Mastiha
Rinomato Americano
lemon juice
Top basil tonic (not home made)

Matteo Bernardo
Demon, Wise & Partners
London - UK