GREMITO by Marco Carcatella

Cocktail is a twist on MI-TO ( MILANO-TORINO) i chose this cocktail because it represents the ROOTS of the Italian mixology. So I twisted this drink with a touch of Greece using Mastiha and a touch of Reggio Emilia (which is the city where I was born and where I took my ROOTS) using Amaro Marino that is a liqueur made in Reggio Emilia using some herbs and spices. Base of this liqueur is rhubarb that is a bitter ROOT. Reggio Emilia is a land of rhubarb. So I chose mastiha because is the liqueur which is better with bitter and Vermouth and because is my favourite liqueur. I love it. The drink Is very simple like Is a build cocktail and I joked with the name. The name of the cocktail is GREMITO. GR like Greece, RE like Reggio Emilia, MI like Milano and TO like Torino. Every place is represented by a product into the cocktail. Like the word MITO the word GREMITO had a meaning in Italian.

marco carcatella.jpg


Roots Mastiha
Campari bitter
Amaro Marino
Vermouth rosso

Marco Carcatella
Le Malve
Parma - Italy