Cha-tini by Claire Su - Issho-Ni

Being British Born Chinese, we lose a lot of our Chinese culture and traditions.

However, my family keeps the tradition of drinking tea after our meals.

I chose Hendricks Gin as it has fresh cucumber notes which balance well with Mastic.

To enhance the flavour of Mastic 10ml of chrysanthemum tea is added to open more of the mastic taste and adds a light floral taste.

Finally, mirin is added for the slightly sweet and tangy finish to balance the drink.

It is a twist on a Martini, elegant and fresh

Keeping to my roots the cocktail is served in a chilled tea cup.

With respect and tradition to my family this cocktail if for them.

Claire Su Issho Ni.JPG


Roots Mastic
Hendricks Gin
chrysanthemum tea

Claire Su
London - UK