Mesogios by Fabio Fanni

The inspiration for my drink comes directly from my origins, when I think about them I can only think of my Island, Sardinia, a Mediterranean Island full of traditions exactly like Greek Islands, we've got quiet few things in common like food drinks or vegetation, talking about vegetation we both have Lentischio pistacia and mirth, we just use it in 2 different ways, from the first in Greece and especially Chios is used to make mastic which it can be consider the national liquor, in Sardinia was mostly used to make oil while the olive oil was too expensive, the other one Mirto was used from the ancient Greeks as a twing crown for the Olympic games winners in Sardinia we make liquor with it that is definitely the official after dinner, for these reasons and for their aroma I decided to combine them together, the dark Berry botanical flavour of mirto Mirto matches perfectly with the fresh anise and earthy flavour of Roots, the sweet and mouthful mastic creates a perfect ingredient for a Low A.B.V cocktail.

As a sour part I decided to use mandarin at the beginning because it reminds me of when as a child I used to go with my mother to her garden to pick up the berries to make her liquor, then reading up I discovered that together with cumquat, pomelo, citron and papedas is an ancestor of the modern citrus, so in a way we can say it is at the roots of Lemon, which could have been too aggressive as an ingredient, although the mild sourness of the mandarin helps to balance the drink without cover the fresh pine aroma of our mastic, as a last ingredient I just decide to use tonic water with rosemary and black olives flavour to exalt our fresh elegant Mediterranean ingredients, as a Garnish I've just put a spring of Mirto directly from my mom's garden.


Roots Mastic
Mirto liquor
Fresh mandarine Juice
Rosemary & Olives Tonic water

Fabio Fanni
Do Not Disturb
London - UK