The Mistaken Roots by Claudio Furio


My drink is a twist on classic, probably one the most loved cocktail in the last 10/15 years... I am talking about Negroni Sbagliato.

My Drink it's nominated after my personal Roots "A mistaken Roots".

As you know the word "Sbagliato" mean mistake, and with my Italian origin perfectly fit with my story, but let's move strength to the point...

The message in my personal life story is:

Doesn't matter if you have noble or poor Roots, what's really matters is you learn from them... Everyone makes mistakes, but that's what make us stronger!

The Mistaken Roots

Propolis (The intense moment of the life)
Prosecco (The obstacle and temptation you try to not look at)
Campari (The bitter note of a mistake)
Roots Rakomelo (when you fix an error and you finally taste the sweet results)

Technique: Build (Like your Roots)
Ice Block
Garnish: Honeycomb & Time (For represent the Hard work & Time and Perseverance nothing can happen)

Claudio Furio
The London Edition
London - UK