Kerykeion by Charles-Antoine Brossard

Kerykeion was the cane of the greek god Hermes. He used it to stop arguments and fights.

I chose Hermes as a guide for the creation of this drink. It's a long and light drink, which is an interesting way to show that spirits are not only about partying, but also for quiet encounters with friends (an activity that French enjoy regularly).

I chose the Roots Mastiha Vintage Strength, it’s a noble and unique product from the island of Chios. I’ve been amazed and inspired by the story behind it, the tradition and craftmanship it represents. It is my favorite greek spirit and therefore I love to use it in cocktails. Fresh, sharp and delicate, it is accesible to most palates and makes a perfect base for a summer long drink.

I also used Nigori Umeshu, another traditional spirit from the other side of the globe : Japan. Made out of plums, it is a soft yet very fruity liquor that mixes well with Mastiha.

The sage leaves give a more herbal and earthy taste to the drink without altering its main ingredient : mastiha.

As for the Fever Tree Aromatic Angostura Tonic Water, it is a great mixer that gives a beautiful pink color to the drink and lightens the other ingredients with its botanicals (such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger) and the soft bitterness of South American angostura bark.

The garnish, a lemon slice and 3 sage leaves, help creating a fresh nose to the long drink and brings a subtle touch of acidity to empower this cool mastiha based long drink : Kerykeion.


Roots Mastic Vintage Strength
Nigori Umeshu
sage leaves
Top Fever Tree Aromatic Angostura Tonic Water

Charles-Antoine Brossard
Paris - France