Greek Amber by Marianne Goehre - Les Garrigues

The back to the roots challenged me with these liquors as powerful as authentic that give off a real natural and warm side.

The one that immediately interested me is Rakomelo, the mountain honey liqueur. The warmth and sweetness of this nectar, consumed without moderation to warm our soul in winter, is a true "Madeleine de Proust" for me, a dear memory.

When I was a child, I pretended to be sick, to have a sore throat and to cough so that my grandmother, a woman of her time against modern medicine, gave me a full spoon of honey to heal my pain.

So I combined this sweet memory with a cocktail that is dear to me.

Aviation, this chic, old school and powerful cocktail with floral aromas and a touch of cherry, seducing both Women and Men palates.

I present you my version of the Aviation, with more softness , the "Greek Amber", symbolizing the golden color.

Instead of the gin, Rakomelo comes to impose its charm and subtly spicy roundness that combines perfectly with the violet. The morello cherry gives way to the blackberry and the raspberry, brought by the chambord.

We end on a touch of acidity that will bring the balance of the cocktail.

A delicate shiny raspberry, a leave of fresh mint and a subtil caramel decoration complete my drinks .

Simple but effective, this recipe has been made with passion and emotion !

For you, Ladies and Gentleman, The Greek Amber!

Yamas !


Greek Amber

Rakomelo ROOTS
Crème de violette
Fresh Lemon Juice

Marianne Goehre
Les Garrigues
Norwich - UK