Ra-Be-Ton by Filip Stribrny

When I tried Rakomelo for the first time I instantly fall in love with it. That slightly spiced nose. That honey like smoothness. It is delightful liquid. And then I realised also why I like it so much. It reminded of something, something I know back from Czech, where I’m from. Becherovka. It has a similar first nose. And that gave me the idea of my cocktail. There is a drink which was very popular in 90’s back in Czech. When there wasn’t many different spirits available, they would drink Becherovka with tonic and called it Beton. And that’s where my inspiration came from. Rakomelo and becherovka beautifully blends together, touch of lemon juice to balance the sweetnes and top with tonic water. And there is a beautiful, light and refreshing summer drink. Garnished with lemon twist for a bit of extra freshness in the nose.

Na Zdravi.


Roots Rakomelo
Lemon juice
Top Tonic

Filip Stribrny
London - UK