Summerfield by Panos Ntalianis - Dishoom Carnaby

Due to the name of the competition (Back to the roots) I wanted to create a drink that brings together the roots of mixed drink since its beginning, my roots and influence as well as the philosophy I represent in cocktail making.

I am very into classic cocktails and I really love minimal but not simple drinks because every single ingredient matter, while looking for the balance among them is the most challenging and intriguing part in cocktail making. The thing that excites me the most though is that breaking down a cocktail recipe you will be amazed of how many different places and cultures from all over the world is in a glass. Where a bitter, a lime or sugar comes from, the spirit, why they created it in the first place and so on…

Having said that, I present my cocktail where you will find the place I was born and raised, my childhood, my taste, my influence and my passion in cocktail making.

My intention is to create a summer drink, low ABV, long drink, that regardless the alcohol contained, to be tasteful and refreshing while easy to be made in terms of the number of the ingredients and the method needed due to the busy summer period in hospitality businesses. This drink is based on the taste of Mastiha produced in Greece since 5th century B.C., a place where I born and raise knowing how the air, the sea and the soil smells. Adding tea as one of the very first ingredients that gave the herbal tones in the Paanch or Punch in India in 1632 while lemon, or any citrus liquid balances the mixed drinks since the day one. When it comes to the bitters, are dedicated to the beginning of the new era of mixed drinks in 1806, the cocktail, with flavours that remind me the smell of the air in my grandfather’s orchard during my childhood in the early summer period. Ginger on the other hand, an ancient plant use to be a spice and medicine reaching Europe during spice trading and brewed by the English to ginger beer in mid-18th century. All these flavours and the history behind them are poured in a modern Julep glass, one of the most distinctive cocktails, garnished in a way that closes the circle of my roots. The garnish is a tribute to my grandfather, one of the greatest influences for me, when he used to pair his aperitif (tsipouro) with marinated green olives in thyme and lemon.

panos ntalianis.jpg


Mastiha Roots
Earl Grey Tea (chilled)
Fresh Lemon Juice
Plum Bitters
Orange Flower Bitters
Ginger Beer (top up)

Panos Ntalianis
Dishoom Carnaby
London - UK