From the Roots to the Blossom by Beniamino Pangaro

A few years ago I used to be a bartender in Italy. My manager Was Greek and he loved all Roots products. He made me discover them and I have a lot of beautiful memories drinking Roots Mastic and Roots Rakomelo with the staff.

Arriving in London I started to use Briottet products a lot more, appreciating the fruity and floral notes that they add to the cocktails. I wanted to combine them with the help of a vegan foamer, to make this Sour, balanced and refreshing cocktail drinkable by everyone without using egg white.

Beniamino Pangaro From the Roots to the Blossom.jpeg

From the Roots to the Blossom

Roots Diktamo
Sherry fino
angostura bitters
orange bitters
All carbonated

Beniamino Pangaro
The Alchemist St. Martins Lane
London - UK