Diónysos Tree by Robin Poropat - The Booking Office "St. Pancras Renaissance"

I took inspiration for my drink from the story of my motherland, Trieste, in Italy. My city has been under the Austro-Hungarian Empire for more than 500 years, and at that time it was the only city on the sea in the whole empire, so they build up the city until making it one of the biggest port in Europe, and to make that possible they plant hundreds of Austrian Black Pines in order to have the material for the boats and buildings.

So nowadays we still have many forests of black pine around the city and they change all the environment in better. This is the story of my city, my roots.

Then I combined my Roots with the Roots of the product I chose, with Greek tradition and culture so I decided to use traditional greek pine honey, to bland my story with this amazing handmade product.

And the last but not least ingredient I combined this with another amazing combination Chios Mastic with citrus, to the Mandarine Napoleon Creating a really low abv refreshing cocktail.

Hope you will enjoy. Salute!

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Dionysos Tree

Roots Mastic
Mandarine Napoleon
Greek Pine Honey
Top up Soda Water
Orange Bitter

Robin Poropat
The Booking Office "St. Pancras Renaissance"
London - UK