Legacy of Inopion by Karl Stanley - Science and Industry at Cane and Grain

My inspiration for this drink comes from the origins of the Chios Islands. The Chios Islands are where the sap from mastic trees traditionally comes from. The island having many different variations meaning mastic or a derivative of. It is said that the first King of Chios, Ionopion, taught the people how to cultivate vines, hence why I'm using a Dry Vermouth (a fortified wine) which is then infused with Olive Oil and coffee filtered. Olive Oil also being a typical ingredient of Greece and the Mediterranean, which olives are also harvested from. The reason I'm using a Dry Vermouth with the Roots is because I believe it really brings out the Pine (Mastic) flavours.

I have decided to add PX Vinegar and Bitters to this drink, to add a light sourness to this low ABV Martini-style drink.

It is stirred down to keep the viscosity of the Roots Mastic liqueur.

My drink is inherently keeping traditional Greek flavours, it is light and packs a lot of flavour. It is served in a Nick and Nora as to open to aroma and keep it as a short sipping drink that can be enjoyed on its own or with bread, olives and salads.

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Legacy of Inopion

Roots Mastic
Olive Oil Washed Dry Vermouth
Pedro Ximenez Vinegar
Peychauds Bitters Stirred Down over Ice and served straight up in a Nick and Nora'.

Karl Stanley
Science and Industry at Cane and Grain
Manchester - UK