The Grasshopper n° 2 by Suraya Canton

My drink is inspired by a cocktail that today is requested by few people, the Grasshopper.
I revisited this drink using Roots Mastiha as the main ingredient, combining it with two ingredients that not only go well with this resin liqueur, but that praise its origin: celery and Greek yogurt. I used chocolate bitter to give an aromatic note and mint bitter to remember the freshness of the liqueur.
I wanted to get a clear drink, not a creamy drink and for this I clarified the yogurt to keep the creaminess taste and its acidity that distinguishes it from other types of yogurt.
The drink is a bright green, thanks to the fresh juice of celery, served in a chunk of ice on a tasting glass, to capture the aromas, and
Simple ingredients but I think they enhance the taste of Mastiha, try it for believe!

The Grasshopper n.2

Roots Mastiha
Greek Yogurt
Celery Juice
Chocolate bitters & 2 Mint bitters
Spray with Mint essence

Suraya Canton
Officine Riunite Milanesi
Milano - Italy