UNALOME by Alessandro Geraci

Cocktail is inspired by the creation and the evolution of the earth.
An ancient legend tells that, at the beginning, on Earth there was nothing alive only water and foam. A human came to the planet and starts to walk in the water, he began to think of ways to create the earth; He made the rivers flow and he began to create "roots" and plants. With the fins of his body he created mountains and hills. He realised that there was not orientation at that point then he decided to draw two lines, vertical to each other: at the ends he established the four cardinal points, while at the intersection he placed the earth.

"UNALOME" Graphically, is the set of four subjects: a spiral, a zigzag line, a straight line and a dot. It represents the existential path of the individual and each subject takes on very specific meanings. The lotus flower symbolizes the rebirth of the spirit.

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Roots Mastic
Grapefruit Juice
Mediterranean Tonic Water
4 dashes Roots DIktamo

Alessandro Geraci
Chiltern Firehouse
London - UK