Sweet Perfect Wo-Manhattan by Sergiy Nikiforov

This Cocktail represents my Idea of the Perfect Manhattan as I met it 7 years ago when for the first time I entered a in a bar station and started to mix ingredients to find a point of balance between the infinity of shades of all the tastes there are in every single bottle of spirit.

For the "Sweet Perfect Wo-Manhattan" I Used the Rakomelo liqueur for its natural balance of sweet and spiced, the Laphroaig 10 for its noble characteristics, and the Punt Mes Vermouth for its light bitterness .

I like when in a cocktail the flavour suggests you something similar but different from the taste of the drink so I chose the Fresh Raspberry to give this drink a sour flavour

Sergiy Nikiforov.jpeg

Sweet Perfect Wo-Manhattan

Roots Rakomelo
Laphroaig 10y Single Malt Whisky
Carpano Punt e Mes
non Alcoholic Oak smoke bitter "Javier de Las Muelas”
Garnish with fresh Raspberry

Sergiy Nikiforov
Rome - Italy