Clear Roots by Gabriele Zambelli

This drink takes inspiration from my roots, I mean in the beginning of my job, when my boss used to let me taste every liqueurs/spices/fruits in a blind test, and try to teach me how to recognize every perfume. That's why i decided to use a total black glass. So as well as me, customer should recognise every ingredient inside the cocktail. A very simple recipe with complex flavours, where Wray & Nephew's herbaceous tones, blend perfectly with Roots Mastiha. Then balanced by Malic Acid and Xylitol (a sugar with less calories) and finished with Lavender Bitter to support the aftertaste of the protagonist of my recipe, Roots Mastiha.

This Drink is perfect for any hour and it's definitely a twist on a Classic Daiquiri. Cheers!

Clear Roots

Roots Mastiha
Wry and Nephew Rum
Malic Acid
Lavender Bitters

Gabriele Zambelli
Free Style
Reggio Emilia - Italy