S & P by Stefano Zuliani

My name is Stefano Zuliani and I'm from Trieste (Italy). After a lot of years in the bar world like bartender now I am owner of two different cocktail bar in Trieste: Mor cocktail bar and the new Maita, a tropical restaurant and tiki bar.

In my region was born the original Spritz, without any liquors or bitters, just wine and sparkling water. it was invented by German soldiers that considered our wine too strong for drinking alone. so in my land we use to drink everything with a very low ABV. For this reason I decided to make something different for my customer mixing ROOTS MASTIC that has a new flavour , a really fresh perfume, with tonic water. adding just 15 ml of ROOTS DIKTAMO that give more body at the cocktail and remember one of the most used ingredient into Italian cousine: origano. I finished the cocktail whit just some drops of ouzo for his freshness.

At the end we have a very simple to make cocktail with a perfect balance. it is very refreshing and it can be replicated in all different situation, in a bar, in a cocktail bar, in a restaurant, at home. this drink is Simply and Perfect

S & P

Tonic water

Stefano Zuliani
Trieste - Italy