Conditum by Mattia Martino - The Langham Hotel Bar

A twist of the classic “Negroni”, took inspiration from the conditum wine a preparation made with mastic liquor or wine, honey, spice and citrus. Used as a digestive by the Ancients Greek and Roman. My choice was to make a twist on a important classic as the Negroni as an “Aperitif” cocktails, it has a not indifferent impact to prepare and pleased our stomach

before a meal. In this case the choice of the ingredients the Roots Mastic and the Ratafia Evangelista with a Monkey 47,a very aromatic and herbal gin, work well togheter to offer a good digestive suggestion.

mattia martino.jpeg


Roots Mastic
Monkey 47 gin
Ratafia Evangelista
1 drop of citric acid

Mattia Martino
The Langham Hotel Bar
London - UK