The Nectar of the Gods by Samuele Schittulli

This drink Is my way to tell everybody a story about myself.

My very first creation behind the bar was a twist on the evergreen classic Espresso Martini, but in my version i was using Drambuie, Dark chocolate cream and honey and that cocktail name was "Corretto Martini".

Corretto Is a kind of coffee we serve very often in Italy. It's a shot of Espresso with a touch of alcohol inside. Can be done with anything, but i think the most famous versions are with whisky, brandy and grappa.

Sounds really boring, but that drink was my beginning.

No matter how many drinks i'll be able to create in the future, the Corretto Martini will always be the first. Our Roots cannot be changed. The Nectar of the Gods Is a twist on my twist and it's my way to bring that cocktail and my "roots" back to Life with a new identity.

I absolutely loved the Symphony of flavours of Rakomelo so that Is my base.

I was Born in Cuorgnè, a city in Piemonte region in the North of Italy where a lot of italian wines are made. I used to see my grandfather taking care of the grapes and making homemade delicious wine and grappa. I was right next to him helping him during the harvest so grappa Is definetely what links me to the Roots industry since raki Is basically the greek version of It and it's the first main flavour of the rakomelo followed by honey which i decided to use as a sweetener, Indeed.

The garnish Is a Yin and yang made with chocolate Powder. That represents the way i try to create my drinks. Coexistence of sweetness and bitterness in harmony. Customer has then the option to choose the side he Is gonna drink from. The side full of Powder makes the drink more bitter, the side without Powder allows an easy-going drinking session.

The Nectar of the Gods

Roots Rakomelo
Julia (1 year Aged grappa)
Fresh Espresso Coffee

Samuele Schittulli
The Alchemist St. Martins Lane
London - UK