Peloponnese Paloma by Theodoros Konstantopoulos

The inspiration:

The cocktail is inspired by my Roots and origin from Peloponnese Greece.

The idea was to create a cocktail that presents the finest products of my region.

The Mastic is made in Kalamata, a city in Peloponnese Greece.

The Corinthian raisin can only be made in Korinthos and Aigialeia regions of Peloponnese!

Lastly, Three Cents Pink Grapefruit soda is made in Aigio City, which is part of the Aigialeia region of Peloponnese!

Lemon, is something that you can always find by walking in any street in Peloponnese, as the area is full of Citrus Trees.

The cocktail itself, is a low abv long cocktail, refreshing with flavours of mastic and raisin, making it excellent for a hot summer serve!

Peloponnese Paloma

Roots Mastic Vintage Strength
Fresh Lemon Juice
chopped Corinthian Raisins
Top Up with Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda

Theodoros Konstantopoulos
Sky Pod & City Garden
London - UK