Melodia by Colin Lach - Monsieur Moutarde

"Metaphors and analogies from which you can get inspired are plenty when it comes to making cocktails, music is one I particularly like as cocktails can be as diverse as music is.

Different genres for different moods, various styles for various people and so on. Ingredients acting as instruments, the measure of each element being translated from decibels to centilitres and the point of it all being to achieve something greater than the simple sum of itall.

Here the idea behind Melodia was to obtain something simple but soothing, like a ballad you would listen to watching a sunset, to get something which lasts and calls you back to it, like the chorus in a refreshing song. The point is not for it to embrace you in the complexity an orchestra would, but more to gently carry you along a summery journey showing you around pretty places. A song with a lot of different influences, France, Spain and more importantly Greece, each one lending its best instruments and notes to make a cocktail enjoyable by all and at all time."

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Roots Rakomelo
Fino Sherry – La Ina
Verjus de Bourgogne – Edmond Fallot
Cidre Appie – L'Extra-Brut Bio

Colin Lach
Monsieur Moutarde
Dijon - France