Born In Harbor by Alessandro Governatori

For this drink, i got the ispiration from my first diktamo taste experience, a long time travel that let me back in time, to my first experiences, when my grandfather, that is my mentor, was teaching me first steps to venture in mixology world.

My grandfather born in 1936, he alredy making cocktails and drinks in 1961 and the thing he loved most was the Rhubarb, i mean, the rhubarb base aperitives.

After the first step, the Diktamo with is earthy notes of roots, let me came back in mind the first thing that i learned and tasted from my grandfather, the shaken rhubar, and then i decided the Diktamo was made it for me and my drink.

The apple from trentino, gives a lovely fine sweetnes and gets fresh my cocktail, while the dry sherry balance it with its acidity.

A Rich taste, enjoyable made with few and easy ingredients.

Born in Harbor shows that the first experiences are the most significant ones, we have to remember them, and continue to do what we love with passion and determination.

These are the things that push us to become who we want and remind us how much beautiful this profession is.

Born in Harbor

Roots Diktamo
Williams & Humbert Pando fino dry Sherry
Thomas Kohl Single Variety Apple Juice

Alessandro Governatori
Corso Garibaldi 59 / Bar Torino 1860
Ancona - Italy