La cigale et l'île aux oiseaux by Romain Iacovella

With this cocktail, I wanted to mix the place I grew up, the bassin d'Arcachon next to Bordeaux with a dash of Provence because I studied bartending in Avignon in the South East of France. And this using your awesome herbal liqueur.

L'île aux oiseaux is a paradise for birds in the bassin d'Arcachon and also the name of the Grand Suite in the hotel I work in. The oyster shell is here to recreate something I really love to do: eating sea food in the port in front of the Dune du Pilat. Abatilles is water from Arcachon. That's why I used it. And to finish the cigale to represent Provence and the Pastis as well to remenber the place I learned how to be bartender. My roots are in this cocktail using your product!

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La cigale et l'île aux oiseaux

Roots Mastic Vintage Strength
Verjus Bourgoin
Pastis Henri Bardouin
Abatilles sparkling water

Romain Iacovella
French Paradox (Sources de Caudalie hotel)
Martillac - France