Jardin by Beryl Minet - Code 45

Jardin, is a word that brings back memories to all, this cocktail is the mixture of different summer aromas. during my vacation trips I have always liked to be close to a garden and enjoy its aromas, this I wanted to transport to this cocktail. for the elaboration we use a mixing glass, that previously we are going to cool down to not dilute too much the cocktail.

Beryl Minet.jpg


We use ROOTS MASTIC 4CL, which is a very aromatic liqueur, reminds me a bit of a carrot recently collected. we added 4CL of Vermuth Dolin to give that touch and that bitter scent of agrums, we continued the journey through Spain with a wine from JEREZ as CREME Candela, we added only 1.5CL to give it that acid and refreshing touch. To give it that character you need to achieve a long and intense finish and above all that flavor of flowers we add 0.5cl of CHARTREUSSE and we will flambé it to reduce its strong character and give it a more smoky touch.

for the decoration something simple but at the same time summery, a flower ..

Beryl Minet
Code 45
Paris - France