Rootside by Jacopo Correnti - Oriole

Once upon a time...

A planet, a planet call Earth.

For thousands of years people were thinking to improve the life-style, changing trees to skyscrapers and country-side to metropolis. People were selfish more and more everyday, social media created a new illusion worlds, fake worlds;

2025 is the actual deadline for a not coming back point of the planet.... that planet where we are living now,

So if I’m here writing down, spending a bit of my time to created a cocktail and telling you a story it’s because the world is stIll alive!

And with this cocktail presentation, using re-usable flask and fresh ingredients, also the bar can help to save what we have.

I would like to make you feel sensible and start to think about small things for the sustainability of this world.... a world call Earth!


Roots Mastic “Vintage Strength”
Mandarin Juice
Golden Grapefruit Juice
Chocolate Bitter
Top-up (15/20ml) Root Beer

Jacoppo Correnti
London - UK