EvoROOTSion by Gabriele Tammaro

My inspiration come from three meanings of Roots:

_ The first one is from my family: in my recipe i decided to use both lemon and orange peels, as a remind to my mother and my father.

So the orange feeling comes from Sicily as my mother, lemon perfumes come from Naples as my father. Origani essentia spray is the meaning of Marriage because reminds me both my parents, is a perfume that follow me from my childhood.

_ The second one is the type of drink: as requested, we will do a twist on classic, so i decided to make a low ABV twist on martini cocktail.

So the dry vermouth is "added" with the double citrus essential oils, adding an orange non-alcoholic spirits, closing with the main ingredient, Roots Mastiha (instead of Gin)

_ The third one is why i choose Mastiha: that's because it's refreshing, it reminds me the feelings of the seaside, some anise and balsamic notes.

gabriele tamaro1.jpg


Roots Mastiha
orange peels
lemon peels
dry vermouth
non alcoholic spirit

Gabriele Tammaro
Octavius Bar @ The Stage
Milano - Italy