Mama Africa by Jason-Candid Knüsel - American Bar at the Savoy

Back to the Roots

What a beautiful topic!

Knowing where your roots are from is the most powerful and important thing in life. It define who you are and where you come from.

My roots are based in the eastern part of Africa. Well, that is where my mother is from. Zanzibar - The Island of spices. An Island using mainly cinammon and cloves in old recipes is a tradition, like in the Aegean Islands, where the Roots Rakomelo liquor is coming from.

Using a cold brew coffee (not homemade) and a touch of chili tincture (not homemade) helps to bring a proper body to the cocktail I really wish to present. Last but not least, going back to an english historic aspect (as I will compete for the London heats, if I pass threw). Tonic Water has been invented back in the days to preserve europeans from malaria while their trip to east Africa.

All ingrediants together gives an extremly refreshing spiced Highball with a low ABV. A drink specially recommended on higher temperatures to rehydrate. Like on Greek islands or on a trip to Zanzibar.

As my mum and our roots are the inspiration behind that mixture I dedicate this drink to her.


Enjoy the „Mama Africa“ Highball.

Mama Africa

Roots Rakomelo
Cold Brew Coffee
fresh Lime Juice
Tonic Water

Jason-Candid Knüsel
American Bar at the Savoy
London - UK

MOTHER'S MILK by Alessandro Di Fabrizio - La Nuova Lavanderia

Mother's milk is a tribute to Greece, a land kissed by the sun and to the land where I belong .. Abruzzo.

in this low ABV cocktail you can taste al the flavours derived from the earth like citrus fruits and roots .

it is a perfect marriage between the scents of resin, lavender and coconut of roots mastiha , the delicate and fresh citrus flavours and the woody and bitter taste that you can find in the Genziana d 'Abruzzo.



Mother’s Milk

Roots Mastiha
juice mix ( lemon & tangerine )
Bergamot liquor
Gentian bitters

Alessandro di Fabrizio
La Nuova Lavanderia
Pescara - Italy

Ra-Be-Ton by Filip Stribrny - Novikov

When I tried Rakomelo for the first time I instantly fall in love with it. That slightly spiced nose. That honey like smoothness. It is delightful liquid. And then I realised also why I like it so much. It reminded of something, something I know back from Czech, where I’m from. Becherovka. It has a similar first nose. And that gave me the idea of my cocktail. There is a drink which was very popular in 90’s back in Czech. When there wasn’t many different spirits available, they would drink Becherovka with tonic and called it Beton. And that’s where my inspiration came from. Rakomelo and becherovka beautifully blends together, touch of lemon juice to balance the sweetnes and top with tonic water. And there is a beautiful, light and refreshing summer drink. Garnished with lemon twist for a bit of extra freshness in the nose.

Na Zdravi.


Roots Rakomelo
Lemon juice
Top Tonic

Filip Stribrny
London - UK

S & P by Stefano Zuliani - MOR

My name is Stefano Zuliani and I'm from Trieste (Italy). After a lot of years in the bar world like bartender now I am owner of two different cocktail bar in Trieste: Mor cocktail bar and the new Maita, a tropical restaurant and tiki bar.

In my region was born the original Spritz, without any liquors or bitters, just wine and sparkling water. it was invented by German soldiers that considered our wine too strong for drinking alone. so in my land we use to drink everything with a very low ABV. For this reason I decided to make something different for my customer mixing ROOTS MASTIC that has a new flavour , a really fresh perfume, with tonic water. adding just 15 ml of ROOTS DIKTAMO that give more body at the cocktail and remember one of the most used ingredient into Italian cousine: origano. I finished the cocktail whit just some drops of ouzo for his freshness.

At the end we have a very simple to make cocktail with a perfect balance. it is very refreshing and it can be replicated in all different situation, in a bar, in a cocktail bar, in a restaurant, at home. this drink is Simply and Perfect

S & P

Tonic water

Stefano Zuliani
Trieste - Italy

UNALOME by Alessandro Geraci - Chiltern Firehouse

Cocktail is inspired by the creation and the evolution of the earth.
An ancient legend tells that, at the beginning, on Earth there was nothing alive only water and foam. A human came to the planet and starts to walk in the water, he began to think of ways to create the earth; He made the rivers flow and he began to create "roots" and plants. With the fins of his body he created mountains and hills. He realised that there was not orientation at that point then he decided to draw two lines, vertical to each other: at the ends he established the four cardinal points, while at the intersection he placed the earth.

"UNALOME" Graphically, is the set of four subjects: a spiral, a zigzag line, a straight line and a dot. It represents the existential path of the individual and each subject takes on very specific meanings. The lotus flower symbolizes the rebirth of the spirit.

alessandro geraci.jpg


Roots Mastic
Grapefruit Juice
Mediterranean Tonic Water
4 dashes Roots DIktamo

Alessandro Geraci
Chiltern Firehouse
London - UK