Rootside by Jacopo Correnti - Oriole

Once upon a time...

A planet, a planet call Earth.

For thousands of years people were thinking to improve the life-style, changing trees to skyscrapers and country-side to metropolis. People were selfish more and more everyday, social media created a new illusion worlds, fake worlds;

2025 is the actual deadline for a not coming back point of the planet.... that planet where we are living now,

So if I’m here writing down, spending a bit of my time to created a cocktail and telling you a story it’s because the world is stIll alive!

And with this cocktail presentation, using re-usable flask and fresh ingredients, also the bar can help to save what we have.

I would like to make you feel sensible and start to think about small things for the sustainability of this world.... a world call Earth!


Roots Mastic “Vintage Strength”
Mandarin Juice
Golden Grapefruit Juice
Chocolate Bitter
Top-up (15/20ml) Root Beer

Jacoppo Correnti
London - UK

Prometheus Punch by Davide Leanza - Punch Room at the London Edition

The story is inspired from the legend of Prometheus that dates back to the roots of humanity and Greece.

a story about the man who stole the fire from Zeus to bring it back to humans.

Every ingredient tell part of the story, and roots, the star of the show, represent Greece and the Greek hero who bravely gave the fire to the people.

It's a light refreshing drink for all the moments of the day, very aromatic but well balanced. a drink easy to make and to drink, for everyone.

Prometheus Punch

Roots Mastiha
Amaro Montenegro
Lime juice
Pu-erh tea

Davide Leanza
Punch Room at the London Edition
London - UK

Bella Vista by Tasos Mposkos - The Churchill Bar and Terrace

Bella Vista(Name inspired from one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Chios)

Greece indeed has a very rich tradition of flavours & aromas. But also greek nature has an incredible variety of indigenous and special ingredients. Given this, Roots have their ‘roots’ on old greek recipes and unique ingredients from the greek nature

One of these liqueurs that gives us the "Roots" is the Mastic of Chios. The Mastic of Chios is a tree that grows exclusively in Chios and is known for its particular and unique flavor and aroma. At the hearing of Mastic of Chios, comes in my mind my childhood that I loved to chew gum and my mother brought me Mastic of Chios after her work because she knew I liked it very much. I could chew Mastic of Chios all day, every day. As a child, however, and only a few hours after that unique flavor and sweetness of Mastic was lost, I threw it and ate a new one so I could relive this experience. Beyond these memories of my childhood and my mother, Mastic of Chios for me means those cold shots at the beach bars and refreshing cocktails on hot summer days on the beaches that I used to have in Greece. Been inspired from the summer life in Greece and my mother's favourite drink, I have maden for you this wine base cocktail. The Mastic of Chios happens to be one of my favorite liqueurs and I use it too much in my creations just like the rest of the products of "Roots" because above all I don't forget who I am and where I'm coming from. Let yourself free and get ready to travel to the experiences and to the things that led me but still drive me here, through my own "Bella Vista" and its unique view as I see it.

Bella Vista

Pinot Grigio
Roots Mastic
Fresh Lemon Juice
Orange Bitter

Tasos Boskos
The Churchill Bar and Terrace
London - UK

Meraki by Andrey Schmalbach - The Langham Hotel Bar

Meraki, a greek word that means and expresses the live we have for things and for doing it, the Loves the founder borthers of roots have or their people of Greece, the love that I have for my roots and my profession as a Bartender. As a Mediterranean bartender based in the Uk, I appreciate and recognise those values that make us unique, just like roots and roots diktamo that represents my personality through the years and how full passion can beat anything.


Roots Diktamo
Orgeat syrup
orange bitters
1 barspoon tzatziki
Top up with lementine tonic water

Andrey Schmalbach
The Langham Hotel Bar
London - UK

Conditum by Mattia Martino - The Langham Hotel Bar

A twist of the classic “Negroni”, took inspiration from the conditum wine a preparation made with mastic liquor or wine, honey, spice and citrus. Used as a digestive by the Ancients Greek and Roman. My choice was to make a twist on a important classic as the Negroni as an “Aperitif” cocktails, it has a not indifferent impact to prepare and pleased our stomach

before a meal. In this case the choice of the ingredients the Roots Mastic and the Ratafia Evangelista with a Monkey 47,a very aromatic and herbal gin, work well togheter to offer a good digestive suggestion.

mattia martino.jpeg


Roots Mastic
Monkey 47 gin
Ratafia Evangelista
1 drop of citric acid

Mattia Martino
The Langham Hotel Bar
London - UK

Peloponnese Paloma by Theodoros Konstantopoulos - Sky Pod & City Garden

The inspiration:

The cocktail is inspired by my Roots and origin from Peloponnese Greece.

The idea was to create a cocktail that presents the finest products of my region.

The Mastic is made in Kalamata, a city in Peloponnese Greece.

The Corinthian raisin can only be made in Korinthos and Aigialeia regions of Peloponnese!

Lastly, Three Cents Pink Grapefruit soda is made in Aigio City, which is part of the Aigialeia region of Peloponnese!

Lemon, is something that you can always find by walking in any street in Peloponnese, as the area is full of Citrus Trees.

The cocktail itself, is a low abv long cocktail, refreshing with flavours of mastic and raisin, making it excellent for a hot summer serve!

Peloponnese Paloma

Roots Mastic Vintage Strength
Fresh Lemon Juice
chopped Corinthian Raisins
Top Up with Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda

Theodoros Konstantopoulos
Sky Pod & City Garden
London - UK

Cinnamon Dream by Kevin Kugler - Ampersand Hotel

Ever since I was a little boy I loved honey and cinnamon. My grandma used to make amazing little cakes for us. This drink is for everyone who would like to feel that calming childhood memory when the world was a much colourful place and everything was a new exciting adventure even for a short time and I hope this drink will help in that.

Kevin Kugler.jpg

Cinnamon Dream

Roots Rakomelo
Lime juice
Chase Vodka
Real Smoked Kambucha

Kevin Kugler
Ampersand Hotel
London - UK

Oreo by Alessandro Vella - Bar 45 at 45 Park Lane

My name is Alessandro, I come from Italy and I am working at the 45 Park Lane as Bartender.

This is my passion and I am very lucky for it to be my job!

The inspiration behind this is quite straight forward: my first visit to London was in 2018 and Oriole was the first bar I’ve been to.

There,at the end of my aperitivo they gave me a taste of Roots Mastiha.

As soon as I heard about the competition l had a flashback! Me sitting at the bar enjoying that unique liqueur.

This is how it all begun...



Roots Mastiha
Chartreuse green liqueur
Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto
Yuzu juice

Alessandro Vella
Bar 45 at 45 Park Lane
London - UK