Arnaldo Silva - Boqueria, NY

Island Roots

Roots Mastic
Honey syrup (2:1)
Coconut water
Rose sparkling wine
A dash of aromatic bitters (Angostura)

With this twist on a Spritzer, with simple ingredients, I want to highlight the flavor profile of Roots Mastic, while connecting it with my roots and heritage from another island, Puerto Rico. The coconut water and aromatic bitters play the connecting part between Chios and Puerto Rico. I found these flavors make an interesting and refreshing marriage with the unique mastic profile. The honey adds a little more sweetness that will be balanced with the addition of the sparkling wine at the end, as well, it is a very well known Greek product when coming from another island, Crete.
As in any spritzer, we need bubbles, it adds acidity and happiness to the drink. Rose reminds me of summer, and makes it perfect to drink all year round.
Having in mind Roots is from Greece, the garnish connects it even more to its "roots", Rosemary plays a big role in Greek Mythology with Aphrodite, and another Greek ingredient very well known in worldwide food culture, Kalamata olives.

With Island Roots, I want to present the connection between my heritage and yours, with simple natural ingredients, an easy to make drink that is full of symbolism and the love for culture, for the roots that an some point connects with each one of us. Cheers!