Conrad Meurice - Chango Rosa, CT

"Blueberry Woodlawn"

Roots Mastitha
Sparkling water
sprig of rosemary
Dandelion & Burdock Bitters.

This cocktail brings me back to many different places to which I consider my roots. There is a joke amongst my family but it is true that I was made in France and born in the USA. This is because both my siblings were born in France. My parents however, wanted to have one American born child because my mother was American. The USA is where my parents decided they wanted to reside which brought me to Connecticut.

Being French I have an undeniable love and appreciation for the culture that surrounds the culinary arts from all over the world.

In Connecticut I grew up on this street called "Woodlawn" where I spent the majority of my childhood. Roots Mastitha brought me back to that neighborhood undeniably.  After sitting down and smelling, tasting and again smelling Roots Mastitha over and over, I finally found my self traveling back to my childhood. Smell is known to be the sense that has the strongest correlation to memory.


The reason that I was brought back to my childhood neighborhood is because the Mastitha really reminded me of fresh pine and wood. As a young child I used to collect pine needles from this giant pine tree in my backyard for this elderly couple that lived two houses down from me. Weekly, I would collect large garbage bags full of pine needles for them. They would then take the pine needles and place them at the base of the blueberry trees they had growing in their garden. I routinely found myself helping them in this garden. This helped grow my love for botanicals and the freshness and freedom of being in nature. These pine needles would eventually decompose down into the roots of the blueberry trees supplying them with specific nutrients that would help their growth.

Unfortunately, the elderly couple has since passed and I no longer live on Woodlawn but this beautiful spirit reminded me of all the love and passion I shared with them. The stories they would tell me as we laid out layers of pine needles under the blueberry trees or as they would direct me to uproot the bamboo that effortlessly tried to overcome their beloved blueberry trees.

This is why I've decided, out of the love I had for them, and the love and fond memories of the time I spent in their garden to name this drink "Blueberry Woodlawn".

I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my experience of tapping into these beloved memories which brought me back to my roots.

I hope you enjoy the history of my idea and am hopeful to visit New York to share this with the rest of the world.