David Roth - Covina NYC, NY

Nom De Plume

Roots Mastiha
Pedro Jimenez Sherry
Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth
Punt e Mes
Orange Bitters


This is inspired by the classic low abv drink, The Adonis. Traditionally a simple Sherry and Vermouth drink with a little orange bitters. I’ve taken some liberties and made the drink a bit more complex but still approachable.The name of my drink is a reference to when my family came over from Russian in the early 1900s. Our last name was Romanov, no relation to but a gift from the czars for services rendered the story goes. Our first name change. A pseudonym. Coming into Ellis Island, we took another name as to not be associated with the recently executed royal family. Another pseudonym. It was important to try to fit into the new country and not bring to much attention to yourself with overly ethnic surnames. No matter what name I go by, I am still the great grandson of hard working, driven immigrants looking for a better life. I carry that spirit with me to this day as I work in the hospitality world. I hope you enjoy this drink as Adonis’s are my favorite aperitif. Cheers!