Erika DiSantis - Pouring Ribbons, NY

Roots Diktamo
Fino Sherry
Roots Kanela
Vermouth di Torino
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Angostura Bitters
Orange Bitters

A riff on the low ABV classic the Adonis, Anemone is a cocktail born from the idea of transformation. Much like the mastiha resin from which Roots is distilled, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Mastiha being known famously as the “tears of Chios” I was reminded of the story of Adonis and my own journey of becoming who I am today. A mortal living among Gods, Adonis met a tragic death. As Aphrodite held dying Adonis in her arms, her tears mingled with his blood and transformed into anemone flowers. Fast forward to 2004… Young, gay, and ambitious, I was a small-town transplant immersed in the Queer underground culture of New York City. Embraced by a community that, time and time again, emerges from hardship and violent struggle to flourish and shine bright with love, I was able to plant my roots and grow into my authentic self. Mixing the intensely lush and earthy taste of Roots Kanela with the sweet herbaceous and velvety Roots Diktamo, Anemone is a surprisingly elegant cocktail with a long and complex finish. With a story of authenticity, originality and discovering your heritage, I am proud to present my cocktail Anemone for your consideration. Thank you!