Garcelle Menos - Las Lap, NY

25 Tons

Roots Rakomelo
Faran Olorosso Sherry
fresh squeezed lime juice
Coco Rico Coconut soda.

Hi there! In 1822 Jean- Pierre Boyer, then president of Haiti, responded to Greece's request for aid during their fight for freedom against the Ottoman empire. The Greek asked for manpower and finances, but because Haiti was in a financial hole, due to the massive debt placed on them from the French, Haiti was able to help using different means; they sent Adamantios Korais, then Governor of Greece, 25 tons of coffee to be sold to help purchase weapons for battle.

Coming from a Haitian background I found it important to highlight the connection to Haiti and Greece, by adding tropical ingredients to Roots Rakomelo. The connection is also of personal interest since my grandfather was Greek and imported stone and steel to Haiti in the early 1900s. 25 tons of coconut, 25 tons of steel, 25 tons of coffee, 25 tons of flavor!