Geoffrey Smith - On20, West Hartford, CT

 “Eleadic Stranger”

Roots Mastiha
Metaxa 12 Star
Harney and Sons honeyed Oolong pomegranate tea
Lemon Juice
Angostura bitters

My inspiration for my drink is several fold. Conceptually I wanted to take the idea of a historic New England punch and modernize it using Greek ingredients.
The name for my drink is the antogonist in Plato’s “the sophist”. The only character to ever debate Socrates to a draw. I majored in philosophy af Trinity College and learned the classics from one of the most highly regarded Plato scholars in academia. It forever changed my life’s trajectory. I chose Metaxa as part of the build because my bar manager at Towne in Boston had it on our opening drink menu. Messing around with that and other obscure brandies was my first foray into craft cocktail bartending. I hope you enjoy it.