Jen LaForge - Blossom Bar, MA

Always Sunny

Roots Diktamo
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
Coco Lopez

When contemplating my roots in the most basic understanding of the word, I am immediately drawn to the idea of my origins and what behaviors and norms established early in life continue to influence me today. Childhood is the period that springs to mind when considering the pivotal moments that ground these behaviors in our minds. We revisit these moments constantly throughout life by indulging in the seductive experience of nostalgia. What more pervasive and rooted memories are there than those of food and drink? For me, the admittedly unhealthy, albeit unapologetically satisfying enjoyment of Sunny D is one experience that comes to mind when thinking of beverages that had a memorable impact in my youth. As an adult, my continued appreciation for the tart, tropical, and fruit forward persists in my career as a hospitality professional. I work at a tropical cocktail bar where bright, vibrant, and memorable flavors are at the forefront of the drinks I enjoy making. While Sunny D is not an active ingredient at my bar (nor is it in my personal beverage circulation) I strive to evoke from my bar guests feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and ease during their drinking experience, just as Sunny D did for me as a child. For my cocktail submission, I feel I have created a drink that embodies the ethos of the Roots brand: naturality, heritage, and simplicity. The ingredients are easily accessible and I hope will satisfy the desire for a simplistic and refreshing beverage that may touch a chord of nostalgia within those who drink it.