Rob Rugg-Hinds - The Eddy, NY


Roots Rakomelo
demerara sugar syrup
fresh lemon juice

IMG_0335 (1).jpg

My riff on the classic New York Sour combines the fruitiness of a light red wine from upstate New York with the wonderful cinnamon and honey notes from the Roots Rakomelo.  This drink covers a lot of ground for me personally: I grew up in the Finger Lakes area, which is one of the major wine growing regions for us on the east coast, and I've since come to enjoy annual trips along the wine trails that hug those beautiful lakes.  Using those bright wines from near my home town is only part of my personal connection to what goes in to this drink.  My wife and I honeymooned on the island of Crete, and I've named the drink for the town there where we had Rakomelo for the first time, and why I immediately grabbed a bottle of Roots Rakomelo off the shelf the first time I saw it back here in the States.  I hope you enjoy.