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A Low ABV Long Drink or a classic twist, with a story connecting our Roots with your Roots

  1. Minimum 30ml of any ROOTS
    (Roots Mastic, Roots Kanela, Roots Diktamo, Roots Rakomelo, Roots Mastic Vintage Strength)

  2. no homemade ingredients

  3. total of 4 ingredients maximum (bitters don’t count as extra ingredients)

  • A picture of the cocktail with the Roots bottle in the back or a video making your cocktail needed. We will upload all material on our website / social media mentioning the bar, the bartender and the story.
    The video / photo can also be made with a mobile phone.

  • Entries can use any other ingredients / brands in their recipes.

  • Submissions are accepted through the dedicated website or the same information via email at

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