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four spirited liqueurs with true heritage

Truly great drinks are easy to make, you just need the elements, unique ingredients & a story to tell.



with Simplicity, Naturality, Heritage

Maximum 4 ingredients & a story to tell

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It all started when…

"Back to the Roots" is a mobile competition, moving from place to place every year. It all started in 2016 in Milan, Italy and in 2017 we moved on to the UK and London. 2018 was was is time to be on the US east coast ! The philosophy of the competition is always the same:

Back to the Roots: Simplicity, authenticity, heritage. Great drinks are easy to make, you just need unique ingredients & a story to tel

Back to the Roots 2019 edition

The Back to the Roots competition 2019 edition will have 2 winners, one from the UK and one from Italy. If you are a bartender based in:

United Kingdom - Italy

Submit your Roots serve and get the chance to visit Athens and the best bar show in Europe, feel the hospitality & vibe of some of the best bars in the world !

If you have your ideal Roots serve idea and your story, you just need to blend it together,

take a photo of your cocktail or a video making it,

with your story (you can even use your mobile phone)

& submit it!

You need to attach a picture of the cocktail or a video with yourself making it ! We will upload all submissions on our website, and social media as well !

Entries will be open from the 15th of April to the 15th of May 2019.

Finals will take place in London & Milan in the end of May

Name *
your @instagram profile so we can tag you
your facebook profile name so we can tag you
Your inspiration & purpose of the serve (why did you choose the specific ingredients with Roots etc., who is it for)

You can send your photo and / or video at backtotheroots@finestroots.com or viber / whatsapp +306984547133 or via WeTransfer if it is a large file, referring to the name of your cocktail


A Low ABV Long Drink or a classic twist, with a story connecting our Roots with your Roots

  • Minimum 30ml ROOTS
    (Roots Mastic, Roots Kanela, Roots Diktamo, Roots Rakomelo, Roots Mastic Vintage Strength)

  • no homemade ingredients

  • total of 4 ingredients maximum (bitters don’t count as extra ingredients)

  • A picture of the cocktail with the Roots bottle in the back or a video making your cocktail. We will upload all material on our website & social media during the competition, mentioning the bar, the bartender and the story.
    The video / photo can also be made with a mobile phone.

  • Entries can use any other ingredients / brands in their recipes, but if they make it to the final they will have to bring the bottles of the brands which are not listed in the Spirit Cartel (UK) / Rossi & Rossi (IT) portfolios

  • Finalists have to come at their own expenses to the venue of the final

  • Entries without a picture or video are not eligible

  • Submissions will be made through the dedicated website https://www.backtotherootsproject.com/ or via email at backtotheroots@finestroots.com

  • The selection of the finalists will be made by the Roots Brand Ambassadors and high profile bartenders

  • 12 finalists will join the UK Final which will take place in London, venue TBC, in the end of May / beginning of June

  • 12 finalists will join the Italy final which will take place in Milan, venue TBC, in the end of May beginning of June

  • 1st. prize, trip to Athens Bar Show in November & a guest shift in one of Athens best bars.

  • 2nd. and 3d prize: Roots Limited Edition bottles, barware and collectibles

  • There will be one winner from Italy and one from United Kingdom

  • Duration of the entries for competition is from the 15th of April to the 15th of May

  • UK orders info: Spirit Cartel tel. +44 020 7609 4711 • info@spiritcartel.com

  • IT orders info: Rossi & Rossi tel. +39 0422 543377 • info@doc.it

  • All inquiries & further information cheers@finestroots.com